We are excited to announce our newest educational project: a brand new, original musical adaptation of the acclaimed children’s book “Harlem’s Little Blackbird: The Story of Florence Mills” by Renée Watson with illustrations by Christian Robinson.  The incredible story has been set to music of Scott Joplin and H.T. Burleigh and is narrated and sung by Operatic Coloratura Soprano Diana Thompson-Brewer along with CMC’s violinist Jenny Weiss, violist Ben Weiss, cellist Timothy O’Malley and pianist Irina Pevzner.

We just wrapped up filming and are now in the process of editing, with the premiere taking place in early 2021.  For now, we hope you enjoy a performance of “I’m A Little Blackbird Looking For A Bluebird,” made popular by Florence Mills in the 1920s.

Introducing Renée Watson

When we stumbled upon the story “Harlem’s Little Blackbird” we knew that we had found a gem.  When we learned more about the author of this incredible book, Renée Watson, we had no doubts that we had found the perfect story – with the perfect message – to set to music.

Renée Watson is more than a New York Times bestselling author – she is an educator, and advocate.  We encourage you to view the video below to she how engaging she is when she interacts with a class of 2nd graders at the Library of Congress.

Author Renée Watson. 2014. Video. https://www.loc.gov/item/webcast-7133/.