Chamber Music Charleston returns for an encore performance at the Música en Segura Festival


Musicians of Chamber Music Charleston will participate in the Música en Segura’s 2020 Festival, taking place in the charming Spanish village of Segura de la Sierra deep in the Segura and Cazorla National Park.

With a population of only 140, Segura preserves the stunning beauty of a village from a time long ago. For five days in May, Segura is the meeting spot for a combination of charismatic artists and international audiences. The festival’s bold and innovative programming crosses over traditional genre divisions and formats to focus on the audience enjoyment of live music in historic and outdoors locations.

Chamber Music Charleston musicians Sandra Nikolajevs (bassoon), Ben Weiss (viola) and Timothy O’Malley (cello) will be artists in residence from May 20-24, 2020. In May 2018 CMC musicians Debra Sherrill Ward, Andrew Armstrong and Sandra Nikolajevs traveled to the festival – and were joined by some of CMC’s most enthusiastic fans who cheered the CMC musicians on and explored the incredible variety of music presented by the festival. We hope you will join us for our next adventure!


The site cannot be more delightful: a medieval hilltop castle and a whitewashed town of narrow streets beneath. Mountains as far as the eye can see, and the vast expanse of Spanish blue sky above. Segura de la Sierra was designated a Spanish History and Art Heritage Site in 1972.
Blue skies and rosemary and thyme scent prevail all year round in Segura, Cazorla and Las Villas National Park. Waters are clean, forests are alive and the summits are clear. Segura National Park, one of the gems of Iberian wildlife, enjoys outstanding figures in terms of biodiversity. Some of the animals that live here are red and fallow deer, wild goats, mouflon, wild boar, golden eagle and bearded vulture. This chalky mountain range is covered with one of the richest Mediterranean forests where black pines and holm oaks champion a large number of other vegetal species.
Castles, mountain villages and white washed narrow-street towns are scattered throughout this well preserved rural area, as the local human population has always lived in harmony with its impressive natural surroundings. This scenery, presumably amongst the most exciting ones in Southern Europe, is still to be discovered by the vast majority of tourists.